RED: Reno Experience District
RED: Reno Experience District

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Emory and Basecamp, the first luxury apartment communities to open at RED, are now leasing and available for immediate move-ins. Want to see one of our gorgeous units for yourself? Schedule a tour with us and we would love to show you what we have to offer!




Luxury Leasing

The first luxury apartment community to open at RED will be ready for move-ins January 2021. Stay up to date with our pre-leasing schedule by joining our interest list.

Unique to RED is the Lyon Living experience. We believe that home is a feeling– a place where one feels welcomed, needed, and appreciated. To create this feeling, we delicately combine seamless technology, thoughtful programming, and passionate people and apply that to new-age apartment living.




Shop and
eat at RED

RED will boast over 70,000+ square feet of retail space and become a shopping and dining center for Reno. Interested in becoming a retailer? Contact us!

Discover my new spot

Shop and eat at RED

RED will be Reno’s new destination for delightful dining experiences, live entertainment, and so much more.

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Tech Campus

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Tech Campus Interior
RED Courtyard

Custom Workspace

Creative workspaces for creative people. Inspiration typically comes from our surroundings, our environment, the people we cross paths with. Our Tech Campus aspires to bring together kindred spirits and souls from all over in hopes of creating a groundbreaking, collaborative environment for Reno’s finest businesses and companies.

find us on the gram @RenoExperienceDistrict

find us on the gram @RenoExperienceDistrict